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Stories are powerful. They can change our lives. They can change the world.

WRITE YOUR OWN STORY is a journal for your stories, from big life events to small everyday situations. Record your Mini-Mémoires to share with others, now or in the future.

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In French, the word mémoire is a memory, or a ‘souvenir’, that reflects the writer’s experiences. Perhaps you’ve never thought about writing out your memoirs; your stories and lived experiences.

But stories allow us to connect with others, to bridge generations, to learn. Stories can be healing and life-affirming.

This journal is designed for you to capture your own stories, from big life events to small everyday situations, so you can one day share them.

Why capture your own stories?

Writing stories can be life-affirming

Capturing our life, one story at a time, offers us a fresh perspective on things. Writing our memories strengthens our level of self-awareness and allows us to know ourselves better.


Stories allow us to connect with others

Research has shown that stories change our brains and lead to greater production of oxytocin, which makes us feel more empathy for each other.

When we share our memories with loved ones, they strengthen the bond between us, and result in much better relationships.

When people connect on an emotional level, it overcomes even the most far-ranging differences between them. After all, emotions are the same no matter who you are or where you live.

We learn better through stories

Whether we are engaging with strangers, our children, or other family members and friends, stories help us gain a deeper understanding of each other and remember things more clearly.

Stories are more powerful than simply stating facts.


Stories bridge generations

We may not be fortunate enough to get to know our great-grandparents or even our grandparents and ancestors, but we may have heard stories about them.


Stories can be healing

Research from the University of Minnesota has pointed out the value of memoir writing as therapy for individuals. ‘Writing therapy’ is a process of capturing our memories through the written word, in order to release emotions that may be weighing us down.


Stories are a powerful management tool

Leaders use stories to connect with, engage and inspire others. Storytelling in business can carry a message to help you share your company’s vision, enhance your personal brand, promote your products, sell your services and build stronger relationships with existing and potential clients, as well as customers and employees.

Storytelling has the ability to influence and inspire others to take action, illustrate your points and ideas, and motivate and influence your team. Writing those stories down helps you to build up a collection of them, so that you are ready to share them when you need to.

Our stories can change our lives.

Our stories can change the world.

Why the Write Your Own Story Journal?

This notebook will provide you with lots of prompts and exercises to help you write your stories. Think of this as your inner journal. It’s a repository of what you thought, the emotions you felt, what you learned, how the experiences changed you and helped you grow, and many other things besides.

This chest of memories will become a beautiful keepsake, which could be the perfect gift to your children or grandchildren one day.

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What’s inside


Prompts, exercises and suggestions for writing your own stories

An introduction to storytelling in business

Inspiring quotes

Elegant minimalistic cover with faux leather and gold foil.

A thread-bound design to make sure your journal will open flat on any page.

Lightweight and sized to fit in your handbag (14.5×19.5cm, 5.7×7.7 inches), approx. A5 size.

High quality, ink-proof, 120gsm acid-free paper. No more ink bleeding through pages.

136 pages

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Leatherette with gold foil




Designed in Australia, printed in China

Suitable for

Entrepreneurs, Corporate, Female Leaders, To Inspire


An introduction to storytelling in business, Inspiring quotes, Prompts and exercises for writing your own story


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  1. Hannah Collins ‘Soul Scribbling’

    Very highest quality, a joy to use, I love having them on the bookshelf to show off. I give them as gifts, presents to say thank you as well as use them on a daily bases. I recommend them on my website and my social media sites.

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