Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner

Phenomenal Woman 12-Month Planner – Tan

(20 customer reviews)


An inspirational planner that celebrates the greatness of women, with specially designed pages to keep you focused on your big goals, and motivate you to achieve amazing things.

Plan more than your day. Plan to be phenomenal.

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Product Description

The Leaders In Heels ‘Phenomenal Woman’ Planners were designed by a busy woman, for other busy women. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of your life that you forget how incredible women can be!

These planners were created to celebrate you and make you feel great about being a woman, all while keeping you on track to achieve your big, audacious goals. Big picture planning, regular life check-ins, personal growth pages, and so much more help you move from dreaming to doing, so you can become the phenomenal woman you truly are! Kasia Gospos, CEO Leaders in Heels

High achievers review their goals regularly.


Did you know that only 1% of the population write down their goals and review them regularly? These people tend to be among the most successful!

The Leaders in Heels ‘Phenomenal Woman’ Planners have exercises which help you determine your passion and values and use those to set your big goals.

Once you have your goals, quarterly and monthly planning pages get you off and running, while quarterly and monthly reviews let you see how you’ve gone, and what you need to adjust.

Get clear and act with purpose


It all starts with living your life intentionally—and to do that, you need to be very clear on what you want.

The planner includes exercises to:

  • Discover your passion
  • Visualise your dream day
  • Define your values
  • Plan your legacy
  • Set a big vision for your life

Be productive, not busy


Time is precious, and you want to fill it with tasks that make a meaningful difference instead of busywork. It’s important to set out your intentions and goals for the year ahead, and define a practical action plan.

The planner includes:

  • Handy tips for translating dreams into actionable tasks to include in your monthly, weekly and daily agendas
  • A guide for setting yearly goals
  • Quarterly and monthly plans
  • A quarterly challenge for your larger goals
  • Weekly and daily priorities
  • Structured meeting agenda pages for your yearly networking plan
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner

Stay motivated


It’s one thing to have goals, but quite another to remain motivated and on track through the rollercoaster ride it takes to achieve them.

The Phenomenal Woman planner keeps you motivated with:

  • Inspirational quotes to give you a confidence boost, keep your energy up, and remind you of the persistence and resilience required to achieve great things
  • An elegant front page summarising your key goals, intentions, values and theme word to remind you of the bigger picture every time you open your planner
  • An area for appointing accountability partners to keep you on track
  • Sections for rewards when you reach your goals
  • Weekly spreads with your top three weekly and daily priorities and to-do lists
  • Monthly check-ins to measure progress
  • Quarterly reviews of your goals and key areas of your life
  • A master to-do list for all your random ideas you’ll get to later

Feed your mind


How we think has a huge impact on how we act, and how we grow as people.

Get inspired and empowered with:

  • Inspirational quotes from extraordinary women such as Maya Angelou, J.K Rowling, Amelia Earhart, Coco Chanel, Madonna, Brené Brown, Tory Burch, Estée Lauder, Beyoncé, Martha Stewart, Gloria Steinem, Eleanor Roosevelt, Erica Jong and many more amazing women who are leaders in many different aspects of life. The quotes focus on confidence, resilience, courage, success, persistence, happiness, wellbeing, and more!
  • A quarterly personal growth plan to develop your leadership skills not only in business or in the office, but in all areas of life
  • A deeper look at our signature manifesto traits as you progress through the year—be inspired to become confident, passionate, determined, creative, innovative and kind
Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner

Feel great


Ever been in a headspace where you felt untouchable… and you really were? When you’re feeling great, your work reflects it!

The planner helps you get into a positive mindset with:

  • Gratitude sections
  • Daily tracking of what’s most important to you (eg. healthy living, your fitness level, water intake, etc.)
  • Pages to record your wins and highlights
  • Structured pages for:
  •       Birthdays, special days and gifts
  •       Favourite quotes
  •       Lessons learned
  • Blank pages to mind-map, doodle and dream

And many other great features you’ll love!


  • Easy-to-follow steps to get you started with your planner
  • Beautiful and professional-looking designs
  • Leatherette cover with a lay-flat design
  • Two differently coloured ribbons to bookmark key pages
  • Undated so you can start whenever you’re ready, or pause when you take a break—you can get full use out of every page!

The Leaders in Heels ‘Phenomenal Woman’ Planner comes with the Leaders in Heels Manifesto card. 

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How others use Phenomenal Woman Planners

So many of us have dreams and goals and then time gets the better of us – our days, calendars, meetings and inboxes are at the control of others.    The Leaders In Heels planner is an incredible resource.  Jam packed with pages to allow you to dream, think and imagine as well as sections for planning, accountability and check-in, this resource can be your every day coach in a book.  The inspirational quotes throughout and the beautiful design make this a must have for anyone wanting to take control of their year and personal success.
Janine Garner, Founder and CEO, LBDGroup

Leaders in Heels, you have truly outdone yourselves, the Phenomenal Woman planner is spectacular. This isn’t just a diary. The diary part is there… but all those other things that I know I’m SUPPOSED to focus on, but don’t get around to? There are reminders in here. Quarterly reflections, connections, intentions… I think it’s the perfect excuse to book a day off in coming months, just to sit with this planner & set the tone for the year ahead.

If being present is important to you, then THIS is the diary you need for 2018. Thank you Leaders in Heels for creating a tool that brings that illusive balance / authenticity / purpose much closer to reality. This planner is a masterpiece.

Cath Nolan, Managing Director, Gender Gap Gone

With so many amazing opportunities in today’s world, we want to grab them all and really just ‘go for it’! It’s extremely fulfilling to pick up all the challenges, however, it’s important to have a ‘partner’ that will guide us and help stay on track. Leaders in Heels planner is a great tool to help me stay on top of my agenda and even my strategy. It brings me inspirations and empowerment. I love the look, the design, and the mission behind it. A must-have for every busy woman!

Sylwia Gorajek, Founder, Executive Producer of Valley Talks and Denim Video

Who is the planner for?

I wanted to do something meaningful with my life beyond my 9-to-5 job, but there were always a thousand things on my to-do list. I found that with ordinary planners, I’d get overwhelmed with all the day-to-day things that needed to be done, and all too easily lost sight of my big goals—the why behind the what.

That’s why I designed the Leaders in Heels ‘Phenomenal Woman’ Planner to keep those big goals front and centre every single day. It gives you the confidence to take risks and follow your passion by breaking your goals down into manageable tasks and reminding you to review your progress regularly. Priorities and to-do lists keep you on track, while quotes from successful female leaders and innovators in all walks of life keep you motivated and uplifted.

If you want to have a practical plan for not just your day, but for the life you want—this planner was made for you!

Full features list

Kick-ass quotes from successful female leaders and innovators

Weekly spreads for day-to-day planning

Monthly and Quarterly planning pages

Summary page for your goals and intentions for the year

Start-of-year life review

Goal-setting pages

Project pages

Meeting notes

Master To-Do list

Quarterly personal growth plan

Monthly check-in

Quarterly review

Year-end review

Birthdays, special days and gifts pages

Favourite quotes journal

Achievements and wins journal

Lessons learnt journal

Bucket list

12 months undated

Leatherette cover with gold foil

14.5 x 19.5cm (5.7″ x 7.7″)

288 pages (2.3cm thick)

100gsm woodfree paper

Lay-flat design

About the Author

Kasia Gospos, Leaders in Heels

Kasia Gospos is the Founder and Publisher of Leaders in Heels, a leading  Australian online community and stationery brand that’s sold over 40,000 products, and has more than 100,000 followers on social media.  She has been named one of Australia’s most inspirational women online by Open Colleges and is a silver award winner of the 2016 Stevie Awards for Women in Business in the Female Entrepreneur of the Year category.

Kasia is a feminist with a background as a Commercial and Business Analyst and a Management Accountant. She is passionate about helping women find the courage to dream big, and to take practical steps toward achieving those dreams.

Her journey started after two successful crowdfunding campaigns to establish the Make Your Mark collection, which focuses on six key leadership traits of successful leaders. It was followed by the Phenomenal Woman planners, celebrating womanhood while helping women define their big goals and plan their days to work toward them. She’s also released a range of other products: a story-telling journal, a baby journal, as well as greeting cards, digital prints, and a vision board.

Be empowered, encouraged and inspired to grow into the leader you want to be.
Make your mark.
Kasia Gospos, Founder of Leaders in Heels


My promise to you: I’m so confident that you will love the Leaders in Heels planner that, if for some reason you are unhappy with it, you can return it for a full refund (including shipping costs) within 60 days from the purchase date (T&C apply).

Corporate orders, Coaching & Retreats: Our stationery makes a thoughtful and inspiring gift for women. The planner is perfect for employee reward and engagement. Read more about our corporate offer.

Wholesale: please view our wholesale offer.

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Additional Information

Weight0.45 kg
Dimensions14.5 × 19.5 × 2.3 cm





12 months, Quotes from inspirational women, Undated, Weekly



Leadership, Life Planning, New Job, New Year

Suitable for

Entrepreneurs, Corporate, Female Leaders, To Inspire




Confidence, Creativity, Determination, Innovation, Kindness, Passion, Productivity


Leatherette with gold foil

Page Layout



288 pages (2.3cm thick)


Designed in Australia, printed in China

20 reviews for Phenomenal Woman 12-Month Planner – Tan

  1. Kirsten Ramos (verified owner)

    The cover is so soft, the pages are so inventive and thought-provoking. I wish there was a US distributor. It took a long time to arrive. I am excited to keep up with my goals and motivation.

  2. Luan Woods

    Beautiful planner! Love all the color and quotes

  3. Louise Fletcher (verified owner)

    I received my phenomenal woman planner and immediately started thinking about my goals for 2019, as well as my purpose and life legacy. Finally I have one place to record my planning and be inspired for the year ahead.

  4. Meghan Hopper (verified owner)

    I really love my Phenomenal Woman planner; it fits well in my handbag but still has an abundance of pages and interesting sections to work from. Using my planner really centres me and helps me to focus not just on my week ahead, but also on the bigger picture.

  5. Tiffany (verified owner)

    I love this planner. I’m scared to write in it because it’s so beautiful.

  6. Danielle (verified owner)

    It’s perfect! Has so many little treasures to find and the size is great- fits right in my handbag for on the go planning and goal checking

  7. Donna (verified owner)

    Life changing! As a full time working mum and wife, life is hectic! This planner has allowed me to keep all of my life in one place, allow me to set goals- which I haven’t done in years! One month in I feel accomplished, rewarded, energised and HAPPY!

  8. Tracy Souter (verified owner)

    I have been diarising my dreams, goals and
    intentions for years yet never found such a beautiful, complete and thoughtfully created product to guide me. I loved it so much I had to purchase more for girlfriends. It is so helpful, keeping me on track and is motivating me to continually use it.
    Your story, vision and commitment to create and develop such beautiful products is truly inspiring. Thank You

  9. Denise, Content Writer and Copyeditor, my red pen

    Loving my Phenomenal Woman Planner. Not only does it look great on my desk but it’s working! I am getting organised, feeling confident and taking steps to grow my business – and it’s all getting noted, reviewed and reflected upon. Thanks LIH x

  10. Andre Marie, National Business Analyst (verified owner)

    I bought the Phenomenal Woman planners not just for my 2018 planner, but as Christmas Presents for some of the Phenomenal Women I know. All of them loved them and have started to plan out their path for this year – most of them for personal goals. It is brilliant to find something that is designed specifically for women particularly because I work in a very male dominated industry and environment. Having a touch of femininity that follows me through my workday reminds me of who I am on the inside.

  11. Sarah McCandliss (verified owner)

    This was the best Xmas present I received this year and all the more meaningful that I gifted it to myself! I spent a wonderful few hours getting crystal clear on my year ahead which is already showing results

  12. Ellen (verified owner)

    Great quality and presentation upon delivery of product. Content has not disappointed and is finally a planner I am actually brave enough to write in. It has a feel to me of growth and development, giving me permission to write things down that may change and grow over time.

  13. Carlee (verified owner)

    I thought the quality was excellent. The while planner excites me and the person whom I bought one for as a gift totally loves it too and spent all day on Boxing Day filling it in. I had a telemeeting today (yes New Years Day ) and I used it already for this meeting. This afternoon I have been planning my week.

  14. Jennifer Bradford (verified owner)

    Very inspirational for women of all ages. I purchased these for friends as Christmas gifts and they were very well received.

  15. Christine (verified owner)

    The planners were an excellent gift, thought provoking and honest questions to make you think about your authentic self.

  16. Dr. Jia Conway (verified owner)

    It’s inspirational and gave me ideas towards finishing my devotional and further staying on task.

  17. Bec (verified owner)

    When you open the Leaders in Heels planner you will instantly be taken back by the beautiful and intentional detail. The thought behind this planner is impossible to miss. The Leaders in Heels company has loved and cared for their customers well through this planner. You will be able to plan pursue your dreams with confidence, excitement and ease when using this tool!

  18. Rebecca Ferrell (verified owner)

    Right now I am in the process of going through the beginning planning pages of my planner. I will begin using it for my day to day planning starting in January. Thus far I have been so impressed with the attention to detail and how well cared for I feel by the makers of this planner. I truly believe this is a product I can stand behind and can purchase for years to come. Thank you.

  19. Annamarie johannesson

    I’m looking forward to using this diary. I can’t wait for 2018. This allows me to track work and daily tasks, goals and plans simultaneously. Allowing all areas of my life to be seen at a glance. Small enough to carry with me and substantial enough to hold all the info needed. I searched long and hard to find this. Had to go all the way to Australia! Worth every penny.

  20. Cecilia Chavez (verified owner)

    I love my Leaders in Heels journal so much that I took it on vacation with me in Tulum and wrote in it on the beach and on the airplane. I love it because I went from having a really low productive and terribly depressed year due to new job and breakup and this and the planner really changed the inertia and kept the momentum and focus going. Thank you for writing this!

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  1. Brenda T. (verified owner)

    I enjoy these planners so much that I have to order two more for friends. This is my second year using this planner and the goals that I set have been achieved. (Must be the exceptional planner 😉 ) Thank you LIH’S for creating such a stunning and practical planner.

  2. Lana

    I am in love with this planner, it helps me motivate myself and figure out what I need and want to achieve. Can’t wait for the new one to be delivered!

  3. Michelle (verified owner)

    I started using the planner in July and have consistently kept up with it for two months! The best use of any planner I have tried so far. Upon receiving all of my items, the box was a bit beat up (which I attribute to probably customs), but the materials inside were just fine. The planner itself was beautifully done. Over time, I feel like I am increasing my daily productivity positively and staying more organized. With all the projects and other life things I have had to focus on it has been very effective at keeping me on track. The best part about this, has been the ability to keep my goals in perspective throughout my planning process. I also like that the weekly and monthly check-ins aren’t overwhelming (and even the quarterly coming up doesn’t seem too intimidating).

    Looking back, the only thing I would have done differently is order the planner in a leatherette material. I ordered it in cloth cornflower blue and since I have cats that like to snuggle with me when I work, I have cat hair stuck to it all the time (such a little detail I know lol) XD. Now I know for next time! Thanks for a great planning system!

  4. Cecilia Chavez

    Next year will be my 4th year buying these planners! I’m a counselor, mom and a doctoral student and this keeps me on track. I use the daily planner in black (make it happen daily) and the make it happen planner in floral and it’s perfect for me. Wish it came in binder format so I can remove and add pages and add a pocket for receipts. Hopefully future versions will have this option, but the content and the format is incredible. I can’t use other planners, I have found the best!

  5. Hannah Collins ‘Soul Scribbling’

    I joined Leaders In Heels because I was so impressed with the amazing range and quality of their journals and pens. I didn’t know about the work they do in promoting, education and support for business women at all levels, start-up to CEO. I’ve found the planners have helped me work toward launching my new business and keeping me on track. I use the notebooks for both my business and my social personal life.

  6. Wendy

    Wow, I am so glad that I found Leaders in Heels. I went through a rough period about 12 months ago and Leaders in Heels has helped me get my confidence back on track.

  7. Claire (verified owner)

    Lovely quality can’t think of anything that would improve my gorgeous planner. I have also bought them as gifts and the recipients have said what a thoughtful and personal gift

  8. Christine (verified owner)

    Love the quality and the content! I don’t always use it all, but notice an impact no matter how little I use. This is a marathon not a sprint. I love it’s a sydney based, Australian company and design. I love that the best planner I can find is made right here!!

  9. Christine (verified owner)

    Love the quality and the content! I don’t always use it all, but notice an impact no matter how little I use. This is a marathon not a sprint. I love it’s a sydney based, Australian company and design. I love that the best planner I can find is made right here!!

  10. Kelsey (verified owner)

    Love the products, the process to purchase was smooth and easy. I love To do lists so I really appreciate the daily top 3 to do portion of the planner.

  11. Jessa (verified owner)

    Great planner for keeping your priorities in check and making consistent progress towards your goals. I feel very organized and it’s really helped me build momentum at work and in my personal endeavors.

  12. Erin

    Love the planners. The only issue I have is that they are so small. A little larger (bigger pages) would be nice.

  13. Tamara (verified owner)

    Initially the ribbons broke but your team was very responsive and re ordered another one for me at no extra cost. The pages are a great thickness and I love the quotes, weekly and monthly check ins and goal setting features. There is some repetition of questioning at the beginning of the planner which could be modified.

  14. Sarah Hylton (verified owner)

    I love my Make it Happen planner. I didn’t like using planners in the past because they were too perfectionist and I’d find that I’d feel disappointed in myself afterwards because I couldn’t achieve everything. Your planners are realistic and has a mentoring experience to them. They are not rigid and structured. Instead they are fun, exciting and doable. I have also purchased 2x of the Make your Mark notebooks for 2 of my amazing friends. I just wish you had more stationary options. I love your brand.

  15. Julie

    Outstanding quality very happy with contents and would purchase from LIH again and have recommended to my girlfriends . best biz investment so far

  16. Rebecca Pickering (soon to be) Manager Studies and Technology (verified owner)

    The Make It Happen Planner prompted me to really evaluate where I was going, both in my career and in my life.
    I set three big goals for this year. One of them was a new challenging role which I have sought and am starting next month.
    Now to focus on chasing the other two!

  17. Sharyn Widdowson Primary School Business Manager (verified owner)

    Quality was amazing, i was so happy and excited to receive. please keep doing what you do

  18. Mandy Johnston, Executive Assistant

    I adore my planner, at last a beautiful book to write all of my dreams, plans and lists in the one spot. Just what I had been looking for!

  19. Danielle (verified owner)

    The monthly planner has been fantastic for not only the day to day organisation and micro goal planning, I love that it also guides me in articulating what my dreams and vision for my life are. I’ve been so much more intentional with my time, and the regular reflection spaces remind me to consider how I can improve and grow. It’s invaluable.

  20. Marie

    I bought the Make it Happen Daily Planner and the Phenomenal Woman Planner in Black. Happy with my purchases. Leaders in heels notebooks help me remain focussed on improving in the present to attain future focused goals