IMG_8313My name is Kasia Gospos and I am the founder of Leaders in Heels, an online community created to nurture, inspire and empower female leaders.

I worked in Poland as a management accountant until 2008, when I decided to step out of my comfort zone and seek out new experiences that would stretch my career, and me as a person. So I left my life behind and moved to Australia.

In this new world, I encountered women from many different walks of life. I realised that some women succeeded in shaping their career and life, while other women didn’t. Intrigued, I started interviewing successful women in Australia to connect with them, learn from them and then share their experiences with other women. Leaders in Heels was born.

Leaders in Heels

Since my humble beginning as a blogger Leaders in Heels has now hundreds of interviews with successful women and articles covering leadership, success, career development and entrepreneurship. The blog has been visited over a million times!

Through my experience with Leaders in Heels, I began to notice common traits that these successful women exhibited in their life and career, and distilled them into a one-page document, the Leaders in Heels Manifesto.

Make Your Mark

In 2014 I launched the first Make Your Mark notebook, a product inspired by the Leaders in Heels Manifesto.

Make Your Mark 2014

MAKE YOUR MARK was designed to be an everyday notebook with a simple goal in mind – to unleash a remarkable leader in every woman on Earth. It has been beautifully crafted to encourage and inspire women to follow their passion, to be more creative and innovative in their lives, to feel more confident and determined in their endeavours and to maintain a kind heart while becoming successful.

The notebook was fully crowdfunded in 10 days and I sold out all 2000 copies. You can see some of the testimonials below:

“Your notebook is a lovely and practical way of summarising some very wise thoughts to inspire us all and importantly, help us translate them into action
– Alison Watkins, Managing Director of Coca-Cola Amatil

“A great personal tool that has helped me think about and work on each leadership trait in it’s own right. This has allowed me to expand my personal growth as a leader at work.
– Susan Bramowicz, PA to State Manager – St.George Business Banking WA

“Thank you again for designing such a gorgeous book. I started with a new coaching client today, and gave her your book at the end of the first session, and she loved it. This is why I need another 20 books, and I will be including your book as a journal for most of my female coachees going forward.
– Amanda Webb, Founder and Director of One Degree HR, General Manager, Xplore for Success

tweetsI had the pleasure of sending the notebooks to over 20 countries. Many were gifts for employees or handed out at women’s events. I delivered the notebooks to the offices around the globe including companies such as Unilever, Microsoft or American Express.

The notebook was even featured on Australian national TV! (This was beyond stressful for an introvert like me, even though I was just sat there and smiled. That’s my happy face!)

The notebook has been also featured in many other media outlets for women in Australia.

As-seen-onIn 2016 I decided to launch the Make Your Mark set consisting of three products, each with a different purpose. The notebook is for meetings, boardrooms and everywhere else. The notepad is an essential day-planner for your desk. And the journal is a very personal self-coaching tool, for use in your private times. All three products have six sections focusing on six key leadership traits: passion, creativity, innovation, confidence, determination and kindness.

The set has been successfully crowdfunded raising over $23,000.

Our Promise

All products stocked in our store have been designed to be inspirational, elegant and practical.


Life is like a pen and you have the power to draw whatever you can imagine, but the ink is limited, so make sure you use it wisely and create the life you love. Start crafting your ‘brand new’ from today. Forget about the past.

Your future starts now.

Kasia Gospos

Founder, Leaders in Heels